Strategic Focus Areas

The Africa Leadership Group (ALG) is a group born out of passion for accountable leadership, good governance, accountability, and equitable and effective use of human and natural resources.

Africa Leadership Group

Africa Leadership Group is a nonprofit, nonreligious, nonpartisan leadership organization, that fosters a worldwide African-citizens quest to move Africa to greatness as a continent with responsible ethical, accountable leadership, good governance, accountability, and equitable and effective use of human and natural resources. Since it was founded in 2020, ALG and its local associate Nigeria Leadership Series have established a credible platform for dialogue and exploring solutions among citizens and credible experts on critical issues regarding national development and humanitarian assistance.

ALG's Guiding principles

  • 1

    We obey the law

  • 2

    We value citizens' rights and participation

  • 3

    We conduct our activities with integrity

  • 4

    We treat all people with dignity and respect

  • 5

    We apply creative, sound and practical solutions to development challenges.

  • 6

    We collaborate and partner with mission-minded organizations.

  • 7

    We respect legitimate elections as the basis of government.

  • 8

    We encourage political participation and leadership at all levels.

  • 9

    We promote freedom of expression and right to equality.

  • 10

    We are committed to being responsible, ethical citizens and leaders.

ALG's Strategic Focus Areas

Political & Public Service Leadership

Identification, Development,Evaluation, Action/ Accountability

Policy & Program Development

Tracking, Reporting, Advocacy/ Action, Communication, Evaluation, Results

Civic Education, Citizens Empowerment & National Values Orientation
Government & Governance Performance Evaluation
State-based Business Enablement Environment Evaluation
Diaspora Engagement, Empowerment and Investment in Nation Building
Civic Sustainable Development Performance & Regional Impact.

Africa Leadership Group

We envision a future in which Africa is led by a generation of credible, visionary, and transformative leaders dedicated to the social, economic, and political growth of the continent We believe that the quality of Africa's leadership is critical to its growth, and our ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of a new generation of leaders who are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values required to drive sustainable development across the continent.

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